Let’s establish a new state.

Today, we cannot live without earning money. While money allows us to obtain almost all kinds of things, “living” itself isn’t possible without making continuous efforts to earn money.

We cling to jobs that are never “fun” and work we don’t want to do –not simply “uninteresting,” but socially considered “pointless” even economically considered “right”. –We fall into a situation where we have to do the “work we don’t want to do”.

Even as society’s efforts to maximize each person’s own profit inevitably damage the global environment, and the signs of climate change disaster are everywhere, people are still forced to do work that they are not truly satisfied with in order to “live”. But isn’t that strange? I can hear people saying, “That’s the way work is,” or “That’s the way we all live,” but I don’t think it’s necessary to give up on life so quickly.

It’s not difficult to find another way to make a new society, instead of continuing to do something you don’t really enjoy and leaving a debt for the future. If you think it’s impossible to dream of a sustainable society where “work” revolves around mutual appreciation, please step into “Heartland” and see for yourself.

What is Heartland?

Heartland is a new “state” which we offer as a platform service.

A state is supposed to be something that people come together to create, not something that they are forced to belong to.

This “state” will be run entirely democratically by the participants.

Heartland will create a new order outside the framework of the modern state by providing a foundation of trust for people in the Web 3.0 world.

Thank You Tokens and Basic Income

As a Heartland citizen, you will receive a token (HEART) every month that can be used within Heartland.

To become a Heartland citizen, you must join an autonomous decentralized organization (DAO) within the Heartland or create your own.

The HEART you receive can be used as a reward for the results of work exchanged between the people.

A transparent “state”

under full people’s control.