Add polygon network

To register a blockchain other than Ethereum in Metamask, you usually need to manually enter the chain’s information, but here is a simple way to do it (see instructions on other sites for the usual way).

If you access to the quickswap in your Metamask browser, you can add polygon network settings with one click.

First, open metamask and press the menu button in the upper left corner.

Tap “Browser” from the menu screen.

A search window will open in your browser within metamask, type “quickswap” for search.

Usually you will see the quickswap site at the top. Check the address just to be sure.

The address should be .

It will ask you if you want to connect your wallet to the site, but you don’t have to connect it here, just “Cancel” and you’re good to go.

Press the “switch to Matic” button in the lower left corner of the screen. It means to change the chain to polygon network.

When it asks if you want to add a Polygon Mainnet network, press the “Accept” button.

Now that we’ve added a chain of polygons, we’ll switch to that network.

Once you’ve progressed this far, go back to the Wallet. Press the menu button in the top left corner again to open the menu and select “Wallet”.

Adding heartland tokens

Next, add the Heartland token to your wallet

Tap “Add Token” on the wallet screen.

Enter the address of the following Heartland token in the Token Address field, and the token symbol and other information should automatically fill in below.

Heartland token address: 0x84Ef9679c9fC3CdC6324E8aB1b3bd103D31c3d68


It’s long, so it would be faster to copy and paste.

Tap “Add Token” and you should see Heartland Tokens in your wallet.


That’s it for the wallet setup.

Register as a Heartland citizen and get a token.