Get a citizenship of Heartland

To become a Heartland citizen, you need to become a member of a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous and Decentralized Community) within the Heartland!

There are two ways to become a DAO member

  • Become a member of an already existing DAO
  • Create your own DAO

We are currently developing a smartphone application that will allow you to do these things easily, but until we have it, we’ll be happy to help you manually!


Become a member of an already existing DAO

Due to the ongoing demonstration, the DAOs located within the Heartland are currently as follows

To become a member of one of these DAOs, please contact the respective DAO administrator

List of DAOs in Heartland

Create your own DAO.

Heartland is looking for communities to join the “Thank You” economy.

Why not take the Share Community framework global, not limited to your region or your peers?

Heartland provides a platform that is fully controllable by the user.

We are in the process of developing a smartphone app to allow you to apply, but we would be happy if you could apply here first!

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